Quantum Leap

The Quantum Leap Initiative is open all year long but applications will be reviewed quarterly. Given the number of projects currently under study, the competition is temporarily closed.

When the competition will be open again, candidates will be invited to submit their proposal by filling the Quantum Leap Application Form available here and return it to Mario Chevrette, Vice President, Scientific Affairs (mchevrette@cqdm.org) at CQDM. Proposals must include the CV of all investigators on the research team.

Scope and Research Agenda

This program is open to Canadian small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and academic researchers seeking funding to develop tools, technologies or platforms that could have an exceptional impact on biopharmaceutical research and address the most critical needs in drug R&D.

The research agenda extends to all scientific and technical fields related to biopharmaceutical R&D and all disciplines that could provide new cutting-edge platforms that could be used in biopharmaceutical research.

The ultimate goal of the Quantum Leap strategic initiative is to bring a platform to commercialization in short to medium terms.

Such commercialization may include, but is not limited to, exploiting the platform (like a library of molecules) to identify hits or leads for clients; offering the platform as a screening service to facilitate drug discovery or to identify new leads from a library provided by a client; use the platform to identify or validate new targets for drug discovery; use the platform to enable biologics or facilitate drug delivery.

Eligibility criteria

  • The research projects must be led by a Canadian SME or by researchers in academia; collaboration between SMEs and academia is strongly encouraged;
  • SMEs as well as scientists in academia should clearly demonstrate how the funds will enhance the commercialization potential of the platform;
  • Projects must represent an exceptional step forward not only scientifically, but also for the strategic development of the platform and the entity funded;
  • Please note that leading pharmaceutical companies are not eligible for CQDM’s funding.

Funding specifics

Funding envelop

  • CQDM will consider applications for funding ranging from $500,000 to $3,000,000 over a period of 1 to 3 years;
  • The amount requested must be well justified both scientifically and financially.

Eligible costs

  • Salary and benefits of research personnel necessary for the project (technical/professional assistants, post-doctoral fellows, and students);
  • Material and laboratory supplies including services provided by third party suppliers necessary for the realisation of the project.

Non eligible costs

  • Equipment or facilities (purchase or rental);
  • Salary of the principal investigator (PI) and co-investigators from universities and their affiliated research centers.

Application process

  • Only exceptional proposals will be considered for CQDM funding;
  • The Quantum Leap initiative is designed to allow close interaction between the applicants and CQDM staff. Applicants are thus encouraged to contact CQDM personal to verify the eligibility of their project and to insure that they will submit the best application possible;
  • Interested SMEs or academic researchers must complete a Quantum Leap Application Form (using the form available here) describing the project, its outstanding contribution on drug R&D, and the important impact of CQDM on the commercialization of the platform;
  • The application form can be submitted all year long.

Evaluation process

  • Proposals will be evaluated on an ongoing process, which will likely involve close interactions with the applicants;
  • CQDM Strategic Orientation Committee will review all Applications and assess the impact of the platforms on biopharmaceutical needs and drugs R&D;
  • An external scientific review of the project will be conducted, accompanied by a risk analysis and when relevant, a due diligence will be performed on the SME;
  • The applicants may be asked to answer specific questions and clarify concerns that were identified during the evaluation process. If deemed necessary, the applicants may be asked to present their project in front of CQDM Strategic Orientation Committee. If needed (depending of the questions and concerns), a second scientific evaluation may be performed;
  • Only projects judged to have an exceptional impact on drug R&D as well as a very high potential for commercialization will be selected for funding;
  • Based on the results of the whole evaluation process, CQDM Strategic Orientation Committee will make recommendations to CQDM’s Board of Directors which, in turn, will make the final selection of the research projects to be funded under the Quantum Leap initiative;
  • CQDM will notify the applicants whose project has been awarded;
  • Successful applicants will need to sign a research agreement with CQDM (see Licensing policy below). Such agreement will clearly mention the deliverables for CQDM pharma members as well as the terms of disbursement (grants and/or investment; duration) that CQDM will provide.

Licensing policy

  • A research agreement must be signed by all research entities involved in the project within 3 months after the funding confirmation;
  • Intellectual property generated under this funding initiative will be managed according to the policies of the financial partners involved;
  • A license option will be granted to the CQDM Quantum Leap initiative pharma sponsors. Such license option will define the access to the platforms and the use of the results for R&D purposes only. The main conditions of the end-user license option will be negotiated before the beginning of the project and will take into account pre-existing IP as well as contribution from each party;
  • CQDM Quantum Leap initiative sponsors will have no rights to commercialize the IP resulting from the project or the pre-existing IP.