Mission and Business Model

Mission and Vision

CQDM is a pre-competitive research consortium driven by the mission to fund the development of breakthrough tools and technologies that enhance biopharmaceutical R&D productivity and accelerate the development of safer and more effective drugs. CQDM is also the catalyst where academia, governments, the pharmaceutical industry and the biotechnology converge to create practical solutions to complex medical challenges.

Our vision is to become a global leader actively involved in creating Canadian and International networks dedicated to advancing next-generation technologies to accelerate drug discovery and bring better cures to patients.

Business Model

Unique in the world, CQDM’s business model is based on a collaborative approach where all partners share the costs of biopharmaceutical research and benefit from its results, which can generate a financial leverage of up to 25-fold (each dollar invested in CQDM can generate up to 25 dollars in research) and allows funding of research that would be impossible to afford by a single organization itself.

CQDM brings together nine of the world’s top twelve pharmaceutical organizations, Quebec’s provincial and Canada’s national governments, and the very best public and private investigators to make unique, innovative drug discovery and development platforms reducing the cost and time required for the best health care solutions to reach the market. Investigators retain full ownership of all generated intellectual property. Funded projects also benefit from the support of mentors from CQDM pharmaceutical companies members.

Closing the gap

All players in the drug industry agree on the importance of quickly deploying major efforts to find solutions to the most pressing issues in biopharmaceutical research. CQDM seeks to respond to the lack of innovation that has revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry in recent years. After only a few years of operation, we are proud that the platforms, tools and technologies funded by CQDM are now used worldwide by our pharmaceutical partners.